Vinland flag at Change Islands

Walking around the island the other day, I could not help noticing a flag that reminded me of a Scandinavian flag, but with the colors in green, white and black. I asked Winston at one of the local shops, and he was not really sure either, but thought it had something to do with the owners grandparents Scandinavian heritage.
Later that day, Martin went over to ask the couple who was living there how it came about that they were flying that particular flag - "It`s Finland" she says. "No it`s Vinland - The flag of the vikings !" her spouse argues. Apparently they had found it in the sea, wrapped in plastic, and decided to fly it.
Intrigued by this, I started looking for the flag on the internet, and Wikipedia had this to say about the matter :

The Vinland flag is a contemporary flag first used by the musical group Type O Negative to encompass a variety of front man Peter Steele's interests and political beliefs, including his own Icelandic heritage. The flag appears on various Compact Disc covers by the group, sometimes with the slogan "made in the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinland", and adorns various pieces of Type O Negative merchandise.

Subsequently, the symbol has gained use as an ethnic flag by various groups in North America, including numerous vendors, some Germanic neopagan groups and political groups who identify the name of the 11th Century Norse colony at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, called Vinland in the sagas, with predominantly Anglo-American areas of the modern nations of Canada and the United States. Vinland flags are also sold by, a neo-Nazi website.


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  2. Thanks for posting this, pretty cool they found it in the sea. As a Norseman, I for one am glad to see this flag flying high. Certain people like to label everything remotely white as being pro-Nazi or hateful even. America was Vinnland long before it became America. Hail our Viking ancestors! Hail Vinnland!

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