Come by chance, passing Dildo

DAY TWO introduced the third member of the group, Egle Saladziute (furniture and fashion designer from Lithuania). After a stroll in the Chapel Hills of St. Johns and a quick stop at Fred´s, to pick up some local rock and roll history, the six hour drive north towards the Change and Fogo Islands, our main destination, began. Passing through a roadside flea market featuring a major closing sale of garden gnomes (“By your ornaments now. Going out of business”), we unfortunately missed the exit to the communities of Dildo and South Dildo. A slight comfort was given when we passed through Come by Chance some minutes later.

As houses started turning into sheds, sheds turned into forests, wooden mooses started appearing along the road and - most frightening - our cell phones stopped working, we realized we were entering a new world.
After a brown and greasy supper at the Country Kitchen in Gander, the ferry from Farewell took us over to Manowar Cove, Fogo Island. It was late evening when we arrived, but Elisabet decided to stop by local agricultural wizard and Jack-of-all-trades, Winston Osmond of Shoal Bay, to pick up some greens. As fresh greens for a long time has been hard to get here, and importing bio-local-fair-trade-this-and-that from Guatemala or thereabouts just sounds irrational, Winston works as a consultant helping to establish small-scale farming co-ops.

As the car comes to a halt at the Yellow House of Barr’d Islands, our HQ during our stay on Fogo Island, our last and fourth member of the group arrives: Nancy Penton, local artist and photographer from Joe Batt´s Arm. The team is finally complete. (M&B)

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