Rule One: Never talk about Fogo

DAY 1: Arrival in St. Johns. Bjørn K-Hansen (artist and entrepreneur) and Martin B. (architect and curator) arrived from a 15 hours flight to a warm and sunny St. Johns, met by Elisabet Gunnarsdottir (director of Fogo Island Arts Corporation and resident of Joe Batt’s Arm) at the airport and taken into town in Elisabet’s rig. After a nap on the most spectacular roof terrace in town and some strawberry martinis at sushi temple Bashi, we went to meet with the crowd at the centre point of St. John’s art world, A1C Gallery. The gallery, run by local artists, was hosting a nice show by artist Lee Henderson. After a presentation of the newly established Fogo Island Arts Corporation, our hosts here, by its director Elisabet and an artist talk by Bjørn, we went out to check out some of the filthiest dive bars in town and hang out with locals artists and entrepreneurs. As the locals of St.Johns started talking about “Fogo”, and Elisabet as a Fogo Island resident started to get grumpy, we realized quickly that Fogo Island should never be referred to as Fogo, but as Fogo Island – a quite touchy topic which we were to learn more about later. (M&B)

A1C gallery view: (from left: Martin, Dave Hopley, Rosalind McPhail, A1C affiliate)

After the talk, Bjørn was invited by local entrepreneur Dave Hopley to swap t-shirts at one of his outlets, the Living Planet in Water Street.

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  1. We were so happy to have you tell us about art, t-shirts and social change. And Yes...we are all guilty of the Fogo vs. Fogo Is. sin. Please forgive us and keep in touch. Angela Antle