How a photograph could fool the untrained eye

Right north-west of the Town of Fogo, you'll find the Brimstone Head - a rocky-hill-cliff-point with an amazing view of the ocean. A wooden path and some thousand steps takes you up to a platform that may very well be the best place for whale-spotting and crab-eating in the world. While being struck by the bigness of the surroundings, we started playing with the thought of throwing a big party up here, with Bjørn playing some breezing soul-music, serving cocktails and having a barbecue.
To make our dream come true, we we have written an application to the Flat Earth Society, which has a special connection to this place. They regard the Brimstone Head as one of the worlds four corners (along with the island of Hydra, the Bermuda Triangle, and Papua New Guinea), and Town of Fogo modestly regard themselves as the capital of Flat Earth.

As a quick reminder, the Flat Earth Society works for common understanding of the fact that the world is not a sphere - it's flat. From up at Brimstone Head, where you are able to see at least half way over to Africa, anyone could tell they're completely right. To repeat Flat Earth Society's answer to the possible threat to their theory posed by satellite photos: "It's easy to see how a photograph like that could fool the untrained eye".

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