Fogo Island Arts Corporation’s Workshop #1


This blog is devoted to the project BREEZING MEDICAL OUTFITS the first of three events curated and produced in 2009 by the newly established Fogo Island Arts Corporation on Fogo Island and Change Islands.

The Fogo Island Arts Corporation is a contemporary art venue that specializes in residencies for international artists and the production of art projects and workshops engaging both local and international participants. The Fogo Island Arts Corporation is supported by Shorefast Foundation, a Canadian-registered charity that is using entrepreneurial methods to help secure prosperity for the region of Fogo Island and Change Islands.

BREEZING MEDICAL OUTFITS is a locally rooted art project, an experimental workshop intended to explore and reinvent medical costumes, create prototypes, document the process and present in a blog and a publication. The workshop is done in collaboration with Seabreeze Sewing Solutions on Change Islands.

Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir, arts director (Fogo Island Arts Corp)
Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen, artist/entrepreneur (Germany/Norway)
Martin Braathen, architect/critic (Norway)
Eglė Saladžiūtė, designer (Ireland/Lithuania)
Nancy Penton, artist (Newfoundland)

Using the blog: All posts below are arranged chronologically; the newest ones will be appearing at the top, the oldest at the bottom. The Fogo Island Arts Corporation invites everyone, especially residents of Fogo Island and Change Islands, to comment on our work and observations. To comment, press the title of the blog-post, and a commentary option will appear below the text.

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